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Bazaar & Schiffer

  Harper's Bazaar - Claudia Schifferclaudie-gillian010ww


Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot with Gillian Wearing and Claudia Schiffer.

As part of a special Harper’s Bazaar project that involved Claudia Schiffer and several London artists, Turner Prize winner Gillian Wearing was invited to take part.  I assisted on this shoot, provided the lighting and photographed the image of Gillian. We had two hours with the supermodel in which to create her artwork.  

My best memory of the day came after the shoot as everyone had left the studio area and were getting ready to leave.  I was working on the laptop at the back of the studio when I heard footsteps approaching across the floor, it was Claudia who had come back especially to say thanks to me.  The biggest star that I had worked with and the only one to ever come and say a special thanks to me.  I was so impressed with her, beautiful in her looks and her behaviour.  

Harper’s Bazaar Introduction

Claudia Schiffer’s chameleon ability to blend into an endless repertoire of identities won the hearts of the world’s greatest designers.  For an exclusive project, Bazaar brought together some of the biggest names in the art world, including Marc Quinn and the Chapman Brothers, to immortalise this modern-day icon with their own unique visions.

Harper's Bazaar - Claudia Schiffer

Harper's Bazaar - Claudia Schiffer

Harper's Bazaar - Claudia Schiffer

The idea is to see what Claudia looks like in an ordinary situation, when she’s not posing for a shoot – like a teenager hanging around the street

Gillian Wearing

Harper's Bazaar - Claudia Schiffer

Gillan Wearing by Dave Benett


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