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Wedding Shoot

Brighton Wedding. I rarely do weddings but when I'm asked to I generally do.  The photography and videography of this couple's wedding day went well enough.  Very hectic in the middle of Brighton on a hot sunny bank holiday weekend rammed with people on the first day of the Brighton festival.   A fun and eventful [...]

Bazaar & Schiffer

     Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot with Gillian Wearing and Claudia Schiffer. As part of a special Harper’s Bazaar project that involved Claudia Schiffer and several London artists, Turner Prize winner Gillian Wearing was invited to take part.  I assisted on this shoot, provided the lighting and photographed the image of Gillian. We had two hours with the […]


Holy Smoke Lewes on bonfire night, a place full of danger and excitement, the spectacular and the historic. These photographs capture something of that, in smokey green shadows and frozen stars, silhouetted spectators and crackling sparks.  Still, the fluidity of time can be compressed and defined, through the camera lens and the LCD screen, time […]


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