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Testing Blade 350QX3 Drone

Had a great week flying my new quadcopter – Blade 350 QX3 with CGO2 camera gimbal.
The quality of video is a bit too warm in tone and over sharp.. but I can live with it.  The video is smooth and the gimbal does a great job reducing vibration and jello effect.  The still images are a bit nasty, mottled grain and lack of detail.
The drone itself flies really great. It’s fast, responsive and intelligent.  Great fun, see where I can take it.

Blade 350QX3 Quadcopter & CGO2 camera test from Paul Cox on Vimeo.

Buzzin up and down the Meridian line in East Sussex testing out the new Blade 350QX3 & CGO2 camera gimbal. Shot mostly in stability mode.

Flies really great, fast & stable but the video image is a bit warm, over saturated and over sharp. The still images are not so good. The gimbal is genius and really makes a difference to the smoothness of the video.


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